Thanvir Chowdhury

Thanvir Chowdhury

Founder & Chief Oil Consultant

Who Likes Paying More, Without Getting Additional Value?


As the former Head of EMEA for the worlds largest energy information provider and with over a decade building its business, Thanvir, our Founder, realised there is a great deal of frustration within the commodity markets where companies were constantly being pushed to pay more, without any additional value.

This market frustration and lack of supplier innovation led to the creation of Phycomex in 2017 and we have since been advising our clients on energy products and services to help:

  • Reduce their costs by 5-25% by negotiating against data suppliers
  • Reduce their admin burden by partnering with their procurement team and providing invaluable insights.
  • Optimise their systems and data while remaining compliant with third party licensing terms
  • Increase efficiency by introducing new systems and services to replace legacy items

Our latest client just reduced their data costs by almost $500,000. Contact us now to see how we may be able to help you.