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Frequently Asked Question

I have received the best quote, but it's still too much. Can you help?

Yes, the best quote is really a matter of negotiation. The chances are whatever you have been quoted we can potentially improve on. With our no win, no fee policy you lose nothing by allowing us to verify if the quote is in fact the best or not. 

our discount is reducing every year increasing our costs.

Its fairly common to have discounts in place and if you have been fortunate enough to benefit from a discount its only natural to expect it to decrease over the years. However, are you being discounted from the right set of services is a complete different question and worth exploring. Get in touch and we’ll provide the transparency for you to make an informed decision.

if I just want a hamburger, why am i being sold a 5 course meal?

Data services are packaged in many different ways. We have over 13 years expertise in this area and can show you how to order a hamburger. Maybe some cheese will be thrown in, but it certainly wont be a 5 course meal if you have our support.

we are tied into a multi year agreement and cant change anything.

If you have a multi year agreement, then it may be impossible to break it unless your business has gone through exceptional changes. We can help you position things if you can let us know the circumstances. If needed, we can help position things for your next renewal for the greatest impact.

Why Can't we just buy what we want instead of 100s of other things?

All data packages are bundled in many different ways and costs can vary depending on the delivery method. Contact us now to start a simple review, after which we can tell you the most cost efficient set up to aim for.

Why is it so difficult to just pay for the dated brent price?

Unfortunately its extremely complicated. If it was simple our business would not exist. Our sole purpose is to help our clients navigate through this opaque world of data licensing and over selling. 

We spend less than $100k on Data. Can you help?

Our clients are generally spending over $250k on energy data alone. However, for smaller budgets and simpler setups we are more than happy to spend a couple of hours and show you a solution, where saving may be possible.

Can you help with systems as well or just data?

We have over a decade of established relationships with a lot of real-time system, ETRM and SAAS providers within the energy information space. We can advisors and also introduce you to many alternative solutions that may better meet your requirements.