Negotiating With Oil Price Reporting Agency, Simplified!

15 years negotiating commodity price contracts to help you make informed purchasing decisions

oil price reporting agency’s publish robust transaction data, but at what cost?

The Problem With Oil Price Reporting Monopoly

The excuses we’ve heard over the years would be unbelievable, if we didn’t see such practices first hand. A simple process of buying oil data went from “here’s a daily commodity market report Sir” to something slightly more sinister.

Starting with: the annual subscription is X, but you also need to pay extra to store the data, and another fee to view the same data on your accounting system, oh and in case you want to cancel, here is another fee as a penalty?! Did I forget, you can’t just buy the crude oil index, you have to pay for 100’s of other wholesale prices tht we publish….Maybe even 1,000’s of other prices as we want to make your life easier using our flexible packages.

Data compliance for oil prices in particular has just gone to an offensive level where customers are being forced to constantly increase costs every year, with no end in sight!

There Is A Solution To Endless Price Increases

As the former EMEA Head of Sales for the world’s largest commodity PRA, our Founder, Thanvir Chowdhury formed Phycomex to help bring transparency to those that enable energy, metals and agricultural data. You can connect with him on Linkedin to learn more about his professional experience or contact us now to optimise your information procurement.
Our clients include some of the largest oil and energy trading, financing and distributing companies in the world, typically achieving a 17% reduction in renewal costs and we are proud to maintain 100% success rate since launch in 2017.
Forget IOSCO principles, regulatory or exchange coverage, we’ll show you all the tactics used by commodity price reporting agencies to charge you more.


Negotiating An Oil Price Contract Was Hard Work. Until we started!

Phycomex is the only company of its kind focusing purely on oil and energy information/ data providers and related systems. Over the past 5 years we have maintained 100% success, saving our clients $millions (average 17% reduction in renewal costs).

Oil Price Reporting Agency

Deep oil price-reporting agency specialism gained over 10 years leading the worlds largest energy market data provider. Phycomex is the worlds leading independent authority on PRAs license, authorised users definitions and regulator landscape for benchmarks.

Simplify licensing

We understand reference data better than anyone across the globe and can show you every tactic used to mislead clients into paying more than they may need to, for grain, electricity, lng, oil and natural gas markets data.

Conditional Fee Arrangement

Our unique business model ensures our clients only pay us from savings they would not see without our support. Starting at just 2% or conditional upon success only. 

15 Years oil Market Data Experience

Founded by former Head of EMEA Sales for the worlds largest commodty market reporter. He grew its business 5X before launching Phycomex to simplify data compliance for buyers of oil data and energy information services.

Sold over $70 Million of Oil Data

We managed 1,000’s of customer relationships across EMEA over 10 years. If you are a price assessment buyer, the chances are we have had some form interaction in past already (discuss price discovery, methodology or even conduct a usage review).

Over $1B investment in energy information services

Private Equity trusts Phycomex before making investment decision in energy information providers. Our M&A practice has supported over $1B worth of investments in this space

The Alternative To The Oil Price Monopoly

We’ll provide insights to reduce costs without losing access to commodity benchmarks or compromising publisher license.

We assess your global energy data agreements, platforms and real-time systems, and outline critical steps to reduce costs.

Commodity Price Reporting Agencies

Swiss Oil Trader Reduces Benchmark Oil Data Costs By 35%

Phycomex helped one of the top Oil Trading companies in Geneva reduce its cost of benchmark oil data and real-time news by over 35%.

If you’re a Swiss Oil Trading Company, contact us now and we’ll put you in touch with some of your peers that we’ve helped.

Commodity Market benchmarks

Global Fuel Oil Trader Reduces Energy Data Cost by 20%

After years of struggle negotiating with the oil price reporting “monopoly” (information provider), one of the largest fuel oil traders in the world approached us for help.

Phycomex optimised data feeds and related systems and services which resulted in a 20% reduction on their biggest data spend, saving millions.

price assessment & price discovery

Europe’s Most Active Oil Trader Reduces Benchmark Data Costs By 20%

One of the most active products traders on the “window” reduced its oil data costs by over 20% after months of support and guidance from Phycomex.

Simplify oil data procurement and let us help you get a fair deal!

Book a call now! remain compliant and reduce costs