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13 years of oil data contract negotiation experience to help you make informed purchasing decisions

oil price reporting agency’s bring great value, but at what cost?

The Problem With Oil Price Reporting Monopoly

The excuses we’ve heard over the years would be unbelievable, if we didn’t see such practices first hand. A simple process of buying oil data went from “here’s a daily report Sir” to something slightly more sinister. Starting with, the annual subscription is X, but you also need to pay extra to store the data, and another fee to view the same data on your accounting system, oh and in case you want to cancel, here is another fee as a penalty?! Did I forget, you can’t just buy the brent crude price, you have to pay for 100 oil prices….Maybe even a 1,000 oil prices as we want to make your life easier using our packages.

Data compliance for oil prices in particular has just gone to an offensive level where customers are being forced to constantly increase costs every year, with no end in sight!

There Is A Solution To Endless Price Increases

As the former EMEA Head of Sales for the world’s largest Energy Price Reporting Agency and Advisor to Private Equities on the recent investment in Argus Media, our Founder, Thanvir Chowdhury formed Phycomex to help bring transparency to those that provide market transparency. You can connect with him on Linkedin to learn more about his professional experience or contact us now to find out how much you could be saving.

Our clients include some of the largest oil and energy trading, financing and distributing companies in the world, typically achieving a 20% reduction in data costs and we are proud to maintain 100% success rate since launch in 2017.

Energy Leaders Trust Phycomex to help reduce Oil market data costs

£31.6M investment

Phycomex is trusted by Private Equity before making investment decision on Argus Media Plc

PRA Commercial Leader

Our Founder led the EMEA commercial team for 10 years at the world’s largest energy PRA, managing over 2,000 clients

3 years, 100% Success

Since launch we have maintained a record of 100% success on every client we have worked with saving them an average of around 20%

Commercial Advisory

A number of start-ups providing services to the energy market trust us for their commercial models and growth plans.

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