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18 years building and leading world class sales teams
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Commercial Advisory Clients 

OIL Analytics startup

Helped an Oil Analytics Startup with its business model, pricing, strategy, hiring and all things commercial over almost 2 years from before product fully developed to product being successfully purchased by major energy clients and secured external investment. 

AI Forecasting

An Artificial Intelligence company with great success creating models to forecast commodity movements were looking for help move into the oil markets. We developed and executed a strategy that targeted some leading trading firms to test out this new capability and diversify its product offering and customer base.


Blockchain Trade Finance

Blockchain startup with $100M in secured investment required support implementing a world class global sales organisation with operations to efficiently scale from 3 people to over 10 globally within a 6 month period.

Oil Data Provider Growth

Well established data provider with 100’s of clients required help securing finance for further expansion. We helped plan, prepare and execute meeting with investors and secure future growth.

Focus on the product and we’ll help you commercialise it

After 10 Years Leading The Worlds Largest Energy Price Reporting Agency

With over a decade of commercial leadership experience at the worlds largest Energy Price Reporting Agency, our founder has built and developed teams responsible for over $200 Million in revenue managing over 2,000 customer relationships. Having grown the team/ region from just $16 million we can advise you on everything about structures, commission, team building, managing operations, CRMs etc.

There is not a commercial challenge you face that we don’t have experience in overcoming. Contact us now to help increase your sales.

We Built Phycomex from $0 to over $60M in 5 Years!

Phycomex is a specialist company with a hand full of clients, including some of the worlds leading energy companies that trust us to manage over $60M worth of data procurement.

We can help you apply a world class sales methodology and ensure your product or service achieves its greatest potential. And help you win the large accounts that take your business to another level.

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Commercial Advisory

Business Model

Review and refine your business model to ensure its best suited to the target market

Sales Plan

6-12 month plan to set up/ develop sales function with clear measurable items

Hire the Right Tallent

Recruiting the right sales staff and building a world class sales organisation


Operational efficiency can result in a 15% increase in productivity

how to hire well

Recruiting Great Sales People

Over a decade of commercial leadership experience interviewing 100’s of sales staff over the years has helped us master the art of effectively identifying great sales talent. Any hiring manager will tell you its almost impossible to make the perfect hire every time.

Hiring Sales Leaders is even more of a challenge as one wrong hire can destroying thriving teams in the pursuit of change, reduce productivity by not understanding operations, demotivate and reduce morale with poor communication. Some of this can take years to recover from. 

We can help with your entire recruitment process from job spec, package, interviewing and on-boarding. 

how to scale well

Retaining Great Sales People

A lot of managers tend to spend considerable time focused on weak members of a sales team trying to help them increase performance, unfortunately neglecting top performers.

Top performers continue to do well often with zero support, but if they aren’t continuously challenged and developed they can get bored and look for other options while managers are worried about low performers.

There is a fine balancing act required in order to build a truly world class sales team consisting of multiple personalities and attributes. And unfortunately there is no one size that fits all. It takes time to nurture and bring out the best from any individual/team. Fortunately we have a range of items developed through a decade of experience that include building a team consisting of 4 of the top 5 sales people, from a company with over 200 sales people.

We have taken individuals from the edge of being fired into consistently producing over $1M sales over 3 years. We can help you drive the right behaviour and motivate a team that puts the companies vision first and realise how they impact that ambition.


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