Reduce Benchmark Oil Market Data Costs.


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Reduce Oil Market Data costs by 20%

Negotiating An Oil Price Contract Was Hard Work. Until we started!

Phycomex is the only company of its kind focusing purely on benchmark oil price data providers and related systems. Over the past 3 years we have maintained 100% success, saving our clients $millions (average 20% reduction in market data spend).

Oil Price Reporting Agency

Deep oil price reporting agency specialism gained over 10 years leading the worlds largest energy data provider. Phycomex is now the worlds leading independent authority on PRA and oil information markets trusted by the leading companies in energy.

Simplify licensing

We understand third party licensing better than the third parties themselves and can show you every tactic used to trick clients into paying more than they may need to.

Conditional Fee Arrangement

Our unique business model ensures our clients only pay us from savings they would not see without our support. Only pay us if your costs are reduced. 

14 Years oil Market Data Experience

Founded by former Head of EMEA Sales for the worlds largest oil price reporting agency. He grew its business 5X before launching Phycomex to simplify data compliance for buyers of oil data.

Sold over $70 Million of Oil Data

We managed 1,000’s of customer relationships across EMEA over a 10 year period. If you are an oil buyer or seller, the chances are we have had some form of a relationship in the past already. Connect on Linkedin to find out more.

£31.6M investment in Argus Media

Private Equity trusts Phycomex before making investment decision in price reporting agency Argus Media Plc.

The Alternative To The Oil Price Monopoly

We’ll show you how to reduce costs without losing access to valuable data or compromising third party licensing guidelines.


Kiss goodbye to annual price increases without additional value. 

What we don’t know about oil data licensing is not worth knowing

“Negotiating Oil Data Contracts For 14 Years”

What our Founder doesn’t know about benchmark oil data licensing is not worth knowing.

He has personally sold over $70M worth of oil data. Spent 10 years developing 1,000’s of customer relationships while Head of EMEA Sales for the worlds largest Oil Price Reporting Agency. And since starting Phycomex has helped some of the largest oil data buyers save millions with better informed purchasing decisions.  

Get in touch to find out why some of the worlds leading commodity trading, producing, financing and consuming companies trust us to help simplify procurement of oil data and related systems/services.

  • Contract Negotiation 100% 100%
  • Transparency 100% 100%
  • Clients Win 100% 100%

Success Stories

oil trader reduce data costs

Swiss Oil Trader Reduces Benchmark Oil Data Costs By 35%

Phycomex helped one of the top Oil Trading companies in Geneva reduce its cost of benchmark oil data by over 35%.

If you’re a Swiss Oil Trading Company, contact us now and we’ll put you in touch with some of your peers that we’ve helped.

oil trader Reduce Data Costs

Global Fuel Oil Trader Reduces Energy Data Cost by 20%

After years of struggle negotiating with the oil price reporting “monopoly” (information provider), one of the largest fuel oil traders in the world approached us for help.

Phycomex optimised data feeds and related systems and services which resulted in a 20% reduction on their biggest data spend, saving millions.

oil trader reduce data costs

Europe’s Most Active Oil Trader Reduces Benchmark Data Costs By 20%

One of the most active products traders on the “window” reduced its oil data costs by over 20% after months of support and guidance from Phycomex.

Simplify oil data procurement and let us help you get a fair deal!

Gain Control Of Your Market Data Costs!

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