Oil Trading Market Data Costs Reduction

We help remove the frustration when working with oil market data providers

Why is it so difficult to buy market data for oil trading?

The excuses we’ve heard over the years would be unbelievable, if we didn’t see such practices first hand. A simple process of buying oil trading market data went from “here’s a daily oil market price report Sir” to something a lot more confusing. Now its more like the tax man visiting and scrutinising every aspect of your business before providing you with a quote. And when quotes are offered, its sold with complicated licensing terms including almost everyone that walks past your screen requiring a license!

Market Data compliance for oil traders have just become a huge pain to deal with often resulting in a great deal of frustration as customers are pushed to increase costs every year, with no end in sight!

As the former EMEA Head of Sales for the worlds largest Oil Market Data Provider and Advisor to the oil markets Traders, CEO’s & Investors, our Founder, Thanvir Chowdhury formed Phycomex to help bring transparency to those that provide market transparency. You can connect with him on Linkedin to learn more about his professional experience or contact us now to find out how much you could be saving.

Our clients include some of the largest oil trading companies as we’ll as independent oil trading companies across London, Geneva and Singapore. We help Oil trading companies reduce their oil market data costs by around 20%.

£31.6M investment in Oil Price Reporter Argus Media

Phycomex is an expert in Oil Market data, trusted by Private Equities including the recent investment in Argus Media

European Oil Trader Saves 23% on Market Data

Phycomex is trusted by oil traders of all sizes, including independent Swiss oil trader that reduced its costs by 25% to the most active distillates trader in Europe reducing cost by 23%.

Oil Trading Market Data Expert

Deep oil market data expertise, with a combined 25 years experience working with oil traders

Trusted By Oil Trading Market

Just a few oil companies our founder has helped with market data over the years

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