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Leading European Energy E&P Achieves Multi-Million Dollar Savings on Market Data

EandP saves on energy market data costs


A foremost European Energy Exploration and Production (E&P) company, with expansive operations across the continent, found itself at the crossroads of escalating data procurement costs. Engaging with multiple energy data providers, the company faced financial challenges threatening its operational efficiency. In their quest for a solution, they sought our expertise.



The E&P company relied on three primary energy providers’ data to inform its exploration and production decisions. However, the cumulative costs from these providers were becoming increasingly burdensome. Among the challenges was a particular provider that had embedded ambiguous terms in their contract, hinting at potential legal misrepresentations.



Our approach was a blend of rigorous analysis, industry expertise, and keen legal insight:

  • Comprehensive Data and Contract Audit: We initiated a deep dive into the company’s data subscriptions, usage patterns, and the associated contracts. This review highlighted areas of redundancy, overpricing, and potential legal ambiguities.


  • Identification of Legal Misrepresentations: During our audit, we identified legal misrepresentations in one of the provider’s contracts. These ambiguities, if unchallenged, could have resulted in significant financial liabilities for the E&P company.


  • Strategic Negotiations with Data Providers: Armed with our findings, we engaged in robust negotiations with the three energy data providers. Our objective was to rectify the identified misrepresentations, realign the contracts to the company’s actual needs, and secure more favorable pricing.


  • Alternative Data Source Exploration: To ensure the best value proposition and to provide leverage in our negotiations, we also explored alternative data sources in the energy sector.



Through our strategic intervention and focused negotiations:

  • We achieved a substantial cost saving of over $2 million for the European Energy E&P company.
  • Successfully rectified the legal misrepresentations, ensuring the company was protected from potential financial pitfalls.
  • Streamlined the company’s data procurement processes, ensuring they received optimal value from their subscriptions.



This case study exemplifies the critical importance of expert oversight, especially when navigating complex contracts with data providers. By identifying legal ambiguities, challenging cost structures, and leveraging market competition, we delivered multi-million dollar savings for a leading European Energy E&P company.

The outcome bolstered the company’s financial position and highlighted the potential pitfalls of unchecked vendor contracts and the value of expert procurement consultants like Phycomex.



Thanvir has 20 years of experience with some of the largest energy and financial information providers. Founder and CEO of Phycomex, where he is trusted by commodity traders, financiers, consumers, and refiners to help optimise procurement.


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