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Procurement Specialist Salaries Soar In London: Up To £88k!

Procurement is a crucial function in modern business, responsible for sourcing goods and services at the best possible price and quality. In London, procurement specialists are in high demand, and their salaries have been steadily increasing in recent years.

According to data from Glassdoor, procurement specialists in London can earn up to £88,549 per year, with an average salary of £44,823 per year. This represents a significant increase from a few years ago, when the average salary was around £35,000 per year.

The rise in procurement specialist salaries can be attributed to several factors. First, London is a major global business hub, with many large multinational companies located in the city. These companies require skilled procurement professionals to manage their supply chains effectively.

Second, the demand for procurement professionals is increasing as companies seek to streamline their operations and reduce costs. Finally, the procurement function is becoming more strategic, with professionals expected to have a deep understanding of the market, suppliers, and the business’s needs. As a result, companies are willing to pay a premium for top procurement talent.

Key Takeaways

  • Procurement specialists in London are experiencing a rise in salaries, with Glassdoor data showing an average of £44,823 per year and a wide total pay range of £27,849 to £88,549 dependent on experience.
  • Factors contributing to this rise in salaries include London’s status as a global business hub with many multinational companies, companies seeking skilled procurement professionals to manage supply chains effectively, and the increasing strategic nature of procurement.
  • Skilled procurement professionals require strong business acumen, the ability to identify cost-saving opportunities, and the capacity to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams, among other skills and competencies.
  • While job satisfaction among procurement professionals in London is high, employers should recognize the importance of factors beyond financial compensation, such as job security, career development opportunities, work-life balance, and workplace culture, in order to retain top talent in the industry.

Average Salary Range

The average salary range for procurement specialists in London, as reported by 180 anonymously submitted salaries on Glassdoor, is £26,775 to £75,037 per year with an additional cash compensation of £3,809.

This results in a wide total pay range of £27,849 to £88,549, which is dependent on an individual’s level of experience.

In recent years, the procurement industry has seen significant growth and this is reflected by the increase in salaries for procurement specialists in London.

Market trends have shown that companies are placing greater emphasis on procurement strategies to drive cost savings and improve supply chain efficiency.

As such, the demand for skilled procurement professionals has increased, resulting in a higher average salary range.

Career Path and Job Titles

Related occupations to the role of a procurement specialist in London include positions at top companies such as bp, Amazon, Crown Agents, Proxima, and dmg media, among others. These companies require individuals with strong negotiation skills, experience in vendor management, and a deep understanding of procurement best practices. Additionally, professionals in this field must have a strong business acumen, the ability to identify cost-saving opportunities, and the capacity to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

To excel in a career as a procurement specialist, individuals must possess a range of skills and competencies, including project management, strategic thinking, and financial analysis. They must also have a deep understanding of the procurement process, from identifying sourcing opportunities to negotiating contracts and managing supplier relationships.

As procurement continues to evolve, it is essential for professionals in this field to stay up-to-date with the latest market trends and emerging technologies. Ultimately, those who are able to combine technical expertise with strong business acumen will be well-positioned to succeed in this dynamic and highly competitive field.

Job Satisfaction Statistics

Like a compass pointing towards the north, statistics on job satisfaction among procurement professionals in London reveal that 70.39% of individuals in this field feel content with their salary. This is a positive indication of the level of satisfaction among procurement specialists in London, given the competitive nature of the job market and the high expectations of employers.

However, employee retention remains a significant challenge for companies, as skilled professionals are constantly sought after and lured away by competitors offering better salaries and benefits packages.

Factors affecting job satisfaction in the procurement sector go beyond just salaries and bonuses. In addition to financial compensation, job security, career development opportunities, work-life balance, and workplace culture are all important considerations for employees.

Employers who recognize the importance of these factors and create a positive work environment for their staff are likely to have higher retention rates and ultimately succeed in attracting and retaining top talent in the procurement industry.


Thanvir has 20 years of experience with some of the largest energy and financial information providers. Founder and CEO of Phycomex, where he is trusted by commodity traders, financiers, consumers, and refiners to help optimise procurement.


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